Micro Torch

Micro Torch Rechargeable gas torch softening and shaping in denture work.

Portable Piezo Refillable Butane Gas Instant Micro Torch. Precise And Controlled High Temperature Flame (1300° C) 2500° F Push Button Lighting Fires Instantly Lightweight One Hand Operation Solders, Melts, Brazes, Dental Labs and Repair Dentures.

Centri-fuse Kit

The demand of athletic mouthguard customization has grown significantly during the past few years. It’s not uncommon to see professional athletes showing off their custom mouthguards with personal numbers, team logos or phrases on it. That’s why Bourke Dental is thrilled to launch the centri-fuse kit, an innovative product that makes the application of decals to mouthguards quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Rapid Solve

  • Wax eliminator prior to packing
  • Zoe paste remover
  • Smoothing periphery of mouth guards
  • Dissolves impression tray adhesive

Plaster Trap

The Trap’s top drain valve and all metal construction eliminate the need for costly plumbing, clean-ups and repairs. The compact design of the trap is ideal for all dental lab and dental office sub-sink areas. The built in viewing window eliminates the guess work of when it’s time to change the liner. Comes with a 10-year warranty.

Single Chambered Vacuum Former

The Single Chambered Vacuum Former is an economical answer that can still excellently fabricate most thermoplastic appliances. The all-aluminum construction eliminates rusting and the heating element is symmetrically engineered for uniform heat distribution. The hexagonal post keeps the frame from rotating or sliding. 

Wheel Saw

This Wheel Saw is a high quality cutting wheel used for hard sheet resins and dual laminates. The cutting surface is on the edge that contacts the plastic. Fits most slow speed hand pieces.


Choice of hardness available (soft, medium, hard), according to users’ requirements. Durable with excellent plasticity. Excellent holding capabilities, recommended for pressure moulding.